Sunday, September 19, 2010

Support She SHIVERS in Tokyo: touring and recording

When you are hit hard with an opportunity, you better hit back. I have been writing and preparing my album, THE SHIVERS throughout the year and it has taken me on quite a journey. I've been studying traditional music, and new voices, testing my depth as a poet and my responsibilities as an orator. I've been preparing myself for a worldwide audience, and I've been blessed to take all this experience and music to the International Japan Music Week Festival this November. This is why I need your help.

I , along with my NRO brother Cavalier, have been booked for 3 performances scheduled in Shibuya, Tokyo during the festival and I am currently working on bookings throughout the month of November and beyond. I have several producers and musicians I am expected to collaborate with while in Japan, and I am definitely recording new music while I am abroad. My goal is to record Japanese influenced remixes of songs from THE SHIVERS for an EP entitled SHE SHIVERS IN TOYKO.

All of my performances, interviews, recording sessions and private moments in Japan will be documented to provide a total audio visual experience for my listeners abroad and at home. I can ensure all this, if you, my friends, family, supporters and philanthropists can ensure I have the provisions to arrive and survive November in Japan.

If all of you donated just $1 I would reach more than half of my $5000 goal without a doubt. I am hosting several fundraising events, including a Black Tie Concert in late October, and Cav and I have thank you gifts for our donors on all levels.

I am not asking for you to support TreZure because I am just your friend or cousin or coworker. I am asking you to invest in something you believe in and you can receive positive results from supporting. This is a production budget, only necessary for me to complete the work and journey that you all expect me to complete. I know I will make you proud of any amount of dollars you put towards this production.

Thank you and please please donate! if not money, please let me know of any accommodations, resources, companies, people I should connect with. Capital is the means to completing Progress and I graciously and humbly ask you provide whatever it is you have, even encouragement. I thank you so much for considering me and the SHE SHIVERS IN TOYKO campaign.

learn more about the festival, my music and New Rap Order through the following links

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