Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Congi Swagga: The Real from Faro Z


Sitting down to write about this song has been difficult. Mostly because before i reach the 3rd minute i am up dancing. Faro Z has the magic within to invoke ancient values in a totally contemporary context. In the Fela era New York is currently enjoying, Only Built for Afro Cuban Linx is a gem for on and off broadway audiences. The album is a perfect fusion of Afro Beat, Wu Tang influences and Faro's classic New York mc-ing. To be such an intellectually stimulating body of music the most dynamic part of this single and the entire album is it makes you dance.

This was confirmed at the NRO Speakeasy in the Bronx a few weeks back. Cool vybes, great convos, everyone was chillin. Then Congi Swagga came on. Immediately the cocktail party vybe turned into a full on bashment. Followed by 3 other amazing tracks off the album the event began to BUMP. Bodies were shaking and bouncing from all directions and all I can remember is that I never experienced anything like that moment prior. A room full of people that had never heard Faro's music had become a room full of dedicated fans. We were all shocked. And motivated.

What I appreciate most about Faro, Congi Swagga and the whole Only Built for Afro Cuban Linx is that he doesn't sacrifice any of his skills, he accelerates them and in doing so creates a space for himself within Hip Hop and Diaspora music cultures. Multi-lingual lyrics, familiar and ferocious beats, authenticity and swagga, Faro Z is "the real".

download Congi Swagga at http://newraporder.bandcamp.com/track/congi-swagga


  1. "Peep My Congi Swagga.." the pharsing alone reminds us what true style is all about.. and where all styles originate..